Advantages and disadvantages of using pirated software: Part 2

15 03 2010

As mentioned in the recent post, there are advantages and disadvantages of using pirated softwares. More disadvantages are found than advantages. In this post, we will discuss about this thing which we have already get through by reading other articles and facts.[Photo]When we talk about software piracy, the consumer will never think that the impacts can be experienced by them. However, the party that feel the pain the most must be the software developers themselves, as we are mostly noticed. This fact can be easily predicted. Of course when the software is being distributed without the permission from the developers, of course the profits will never go to the developers and completely go to the dealers. As a result of this situation, they can not or maybe face difficulties in performing researches for their next products. -Source:
From the consumers’ standpoint, they also have some difficulties while using pirated softwares. For an example, using the operating system, user can not update through the internet or the software can be detected as pirated version by the developer and possibly the software can not be used again unless the consumer reinstall the software. In another case, sometimes, when the software is being used for a certain period, the software will need to be cracked again or it will go wrong as the result of corruption. The software will ask the user to enter the validation code all over again.
Using the pirated softwares also come along with risk of getting into viruses infection on your computer. The pirated software also may contain some various types of trojans and worms especially the software that you download from the internet or peer-to-peer sharing. That is why the cracking programs is being detected by the antivirus as viruses. Source:
[Photo]Software piracy actually gives the bad impacts on the economy of a country. A research has been that software piracy activities has put the economic growth into reduction. “According to a recent study by the Business Software Alliance (BSA) and International Data Corporation (IDC), cutting the current global software piracy rate of 35% by ten percentage points over the course of four years could yield 2.4 million new jobs, $400 billion in economic growth and an additional $67 billion in tax revenues” –Source:
Last but not least, the impact of software piracy is to the price of the original copy of software itself. That is why we cannot accept the argument that says “it is excusable to buy pirated softwares because the original softwares are quiet expensive”. This is because the developer need to increase the price in order to back up the losses they are facing each year. This is based on the research conducted by the International Planning and Research Corporation. Source:
So, students. Which one do you prefer the most? A little more expensive software with satisfaction of usage and freedom of worries or the pirated version of software that can give you frustration and probably get you penalized? Your choice.




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14 04 2010
Muhammad Adhwa'

Well… as Adobe once says… “We put high price to cover up our losses”. Which means, if people starts buying original, then the price will drop.

14 04 2010

Hopefully they do.
And it makes sense if they increase the price, in order to cover up the costs such as software development and trials.

14 04 2010

Yeah, but on the other hand, i heard some people said, if they lower down the price a little, they will surely buy it. They just can’t afford to buy the original software. One of the problem here is the price.

14 04 2010
Muhammad Said Bin Abdul Rahim

They need to study the price range and solve the pricing problem maybe rethink about the price they put for their original software. Refine a suitable price that suits each continent and provide more secured and much more reliability compared to a pirated software for the future use. But still to me,there is still a problem which is “downloading”. Some people can’t resist downloading the software which some of them don’t like using the term pirate or pirating, they consider it sharing.


4 04 2014

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